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Software Application Testing Services

The main purpose of application testing is to find defects or failures in the product or application. Also during the test planning it’s decided what constitutes an “important defect”. Usually an important defect is the one that influences the usability and functionality of an application and makes it hard for the customer to use the application.

Oniyosys offers a truly effective and streamlined solution for Application Testing your software and web application. Our application testing services enables you to deploy your application with assurance that it will endure contemporary and near future levels of load. Our testing services have helped organizations in accomplishing predictable and ameliorated quality levels.

The application must successfully pass all test conditions before it is ready for the general customer. However by testing one cannot establish the fact that the product will function properly under all conditions. Rather it will be able to highlight those specific conditions under which the product will not function properly.

There are various methods of conducting Application Testing namely static and dynamic testing. The process of dynamic testing is more often used than static testing. The process of dynamic testing is conducted when the application is run or executed for the first time. It is primarily used to test some specific sections of the code.

Application testing can be carried out at any point of time during the development process. However, most of the testing takes place after each and every requirement is fulfilled and the coding process is completed.
Testing a web application is an important part of preparing it for release. From usability to loading performance, there are several areas of a program that the testing phase evaluates, and the key to proper evaluation is proper test design. Although different applications can require different test procedures, some procedures are ubiquitous.

Application Testing offers an independent viewpoint to the business to understand and evaluate the risks associated with the product or the software. The test procedure basically includes executing the application to find out software bugs.

A good web application testing plan ensures that a web application is functional and user-friendly. By empowering the testing phase to evaluate critical areas of user experience, companies can develop applications that are instantly user friendly – an important aspect of sales momentum during an application’s release period.

Most web applications require several types of testing, but perhaps none of them is as important as testing for user acceptance. If a program contains problems that significantly affect how it performs for end users, it can fail to generate enough sales to justify the cost of developing it.

Software QA Testing

Software Quality Assurance encompasses the entire software development process, which includes processes such as software design, coding, source code control, code reviews, change management, configuration management, and release management.

Oniyosys offers ready-to-go test packs, infallible Quality Assurance services, and dedicated teams of experts to help clients realize the full benefit of independent testing services and benefit from the best end-user experience. Acting as an extended wing, our team of dedicated and expert professionals brings down testing and Quality Assurance costs while providing the best possible software testing services.

Flexible approach and client-centric communication strategy we follow right from planning to managing test modules and on-time delivery make us a reliable choice for those looking for an effective and affordable software testing company to further their business growth. Endowed with cutting edge technology and skilled manpower, we promise to deliver the best value of your money through manual software testing services and cost-effective automation framework development. While sharp testing mindsets part of Oniyosys team of experts make your application foolproof and deliverable within a reasonable time frame, our high-class Quality Assurance consulting solutions help mange risks, lower costs, and gain through enhanced end-user experience.

Quality assurance should function as a “tone” for the user, a reminder to the designers and developers that the site is designed for users outside the office. Quality assurance as ombudsman would be a positive force for a quality user experience. If you are limited in what you can accept responsibility for, document those limits. For example, if you can’t test data or middleware, announce that fact whenever you provide test results for the website quality. Even the best designed and developed sites will experience problems and failures, so a good quality assurance team should set expectations — for the entire web site team and with management — for what QA can effectively accomplish.

Quality assurance looks beyond the structured test cases used by website quality control because these test cases are necessarily limited. Quality Assurance focuses on more than a site’s ability to meet a specific benchmark; quality assurance aims to make the site better so tests are passed more consistently, so that the benchmark can in fact be refined, and so that problem areas can be eliminated.

An important aspect of software product quality assurance is that it is different from quality test. While, Quality Assurance is based upon standards and established plans, quality test procedures are followed on the bases of concrete figures and numbers. Thus, there must be two separate teams for Software Quality Assurance and software quality testing.

Usability Testing Methods

When it comes to software testing, usability testing is perhaps one of the most important areas. It will determine how well your end users relate to the finished product. Our company can provide efficient and economical usability testing for your software. Contact us today to get started.

Oniyosys provides comprehensive Usability Testing solutions for any business. Simply provide us a copy of the software to be tested, and we will get to work immediately. Our testers utilize some of the most cutting edge technology to document their test experience. The testers use our program that records their actual use session, and then they record their thoughts and reactions when they are done. This not only allows you to read about how they felt about the experience, but it also allows you to watch the actual process your real end users will go through when they use the final product. We then analyze these vital pieces of information and give recommendations based on our findings.

In a usability test you watch as a user who is unfamiliar with your website attempts to perform a task or set of tasks on your website. The goal is to uncover usability problems that typical users might experience.

Web Usability Testing is an iterative process. It involves feeding back key improvements to the web development team regarding user requirements. Lots of business decision makers have their own opinion about how they want their company website to look, feel and work. Based on these business requirements it is then the appointed web design company or department’s job to realize these requirements. What is sometimes missed out is what the users require. The aim of this article is to explain the importance of involving the user, iteratively, throughout the website design process and, indeed, throughout the whole lifecycle of the website even after it has gone live!

In the ‘benchmarking’ Usability Testing we have done for some of our clients, we have measured these on a per-task basis. Here are the ways we have found to statistically measure these parameters during a usability testing session:
  • Effectiveness – This is usually the simplest one to measure during usability testing. For most tasks, you will be able to use a pass/fail measure of whether the user has managed to complete the task successfully. The percentage of users that manage to complete a task successfully therefore becomes a measure of the design’s effectiveness.
  • Efficiency – A useful way to measure this characteristic can be timing the user on a task during the usability testing. The average task completion time of all the users participating in your usability testing therefore becomes a measure of efficiency.
  • Satisfaction – The easiest way of measuring users’ satisfaction is normally in the form of a questionnaire. This questionnaire is typically administered after the usability testing session has ended and asks the user to rank their experience of the site (along a number of parameters) from 1 – 5 (1=poor, 5= good). The questions can relate to the entire site experience, or ask specific questions about each task.
Usability testing can, however, be used in a different way. The ‘benchmarking’ method of usability testing allows you to get a statistical measure of a site’s usability during a usability testing session. This is a very powerful idea, because it allows us to use Usability Testing sessions to statistically compare the usability of different designs and/or sites.

Stress Testing For Web Based Applications

Stress and scenario testing is an important element in firms’ planning and risk management processes, helping them to identify, analyze and manage the risks within their businesses.

Oniyosys offers a truly effective and streamlined solution for Stress Testing your software and web application. Our stress testing services enables you to deploy your application with assurance that it will endure contemporary and near future levels of load. Our testing services have helped organizations in accomplishing predictable and ameliorated quality levels.

The key objective of this testing method is to check if the system can manage the load variations and thus the highest level of stress, and still function, as per the defined performance standards.

We provides load & Stress Testing services, Web app load testing, Endurance Testing, as it is also referred to, aims to test the system by putting it under heavy load, and checks its ability to perform the tasks under these stress conditions.

Stress Testing is done to evaluate the application’s behavior beyond normal or peak load conditions. It is basically testing the functionality of the application under high loads. Normally these are related to synchronization issues, memory leaks or race conditions etc. Some testing experts also call it as fatigue testing. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to set up a controlled environment before running the test. Example of Stress testing is:

A banking application can take a maximum user load of 20000 concurrent users. Increase the load to 21000 and do some transaction like deposit or withdraw. As soon as you did the transaction, banking application server database will sync with ATM database server. Now check with the user load of 21000 does this sync happened successfully. Now repeat the same test with 22000 thousand concurrent users and so on.
Stress Testing helps to determine:
  • Errors in slowness & at peak user loads
  • Any security loop holes with over loads
  • How the hardware reacts with over loads
  • Data corruption issues at over loads
Need for Stress Testing :

Almost 90% of the software/systems are developed with an assumption that they will be operating under normal scenario. And even if it is considered that the limit of normal operating conditions will be crossed, it is not considerably as high as it really could be.

Stress Testing also helps minimizing your risk of failure. Bugs and errors are common in the computer field. But this is very discouraging and retards the growth in economy to a large extent. A study revealed that half of the losses incurred can be deal with by improving the investigations done of the software. Testing its parameters and infrastructures will help being competing and relieve to combat circumstances like heavy load, peak traffic etc.

Goals and benefits by stress testing:
  1. Endurance ability- when subjected to heavy load, web applications breakdown. This is common especially during peak traffic hour, when there are too many people round the globe accessing the same site of the same web page. Thus, the software has to be programmed to perform in dire circumstances too.
  2. Improve security- web directories should not be accessed without being asked or requested to open or download.

Software Quality Assurance Services

Software quality is one of the pivotal aspects of a software development company. Software quality assurance starts from the beginning of a project, right from the analysis phase. Software quality assurance is an inevitable part of the software product development industry. Every IT company performs various activities and follows various strategies to ensure the quality of their product.

Oniyosys is a software testing company that evaluates the Software Quality and checks the potency of the program for the required output.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is defined as a well planned and systematic approach to evaluate the software quality. It checks the adherence to software product standards, processes, and procedures. SQA includes the systematic process of assuring that standards and procedures are established and are followed throughout the software development life cycle and test cycle as well. The compliance of the built with agreed-upon standards and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation, project management etc.

Software quality is conformance to explicitly state functional and performance requirements, explicitly documented development standards, and implicit characteristics that are expected of all professionally developed software.

Software Quality Assurance has become a pivotal process nowadays as a failure or erroneous operation of mission-critical software might result in serious consequences like substantial financial loss and missed targets. With the advancement of technology apps and stringent regulatory requirements it has become that much challenging need for high Software Quality and thorough Verification & Validation of the application software.

Oniyosys provides following Software quality factors:
  • Correctness
– Accuracy, completeness of required output
– Up­to­dateness, availability of the information
  • Reliability
– Maximum failure rate
  • Efficiency
– Resources needed to perform software function
  • Integrity
– Software system security, access rights
  • Usability
– Ability to learn, perform required task Software Quality Factors
  • Maintainability
– Effort to identify and fix software failures (modularity,
documentation, etc)
  • Flexibility
– Degree of adaptability (to new customers, tasks, etc)
  • Testability
– Support for testing Software Quality Factors
  • Portability
– Adaptation to other environments (hardware, software)
  • Reusability
– Use of software components for other projects
  • Interoperability
– Ability to interface with other components/systems

Software Quality is paramount; however, in the haste of software release into the market this parameter used to be often compromised on by most of the enterprises until sometime back. Times have changed and so has the perception of the global enterprise community. It is clearly understood now that software quality cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. It’s when the role of functional testing services comes to the forefront.

Regression Testing Approach

Regression testing means re-testing an application after its code has been modified to verify that it still functions correctly. Regression testing consists of re-running existing test cases and checking that code changes did not break any previously working functions, inadvertently introduce errors or cause earlier fixed issues to reappear.

Regression Testing Services at Oniyosys are based on the principle of achieving ‘more with less’ – providing maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases leading to minimal cost of appraisal and risk. Our Regression Testing service offering is a unique blend of best-in-class scientific methods. This innovative approach enables us to identify impacted functionalities effectively, as the application progresses from one release to the next.

Test cases are re-executed in order to check whether previous functionality of application is working fine and new changes have not introduced any new bugs. This test can be performed on a new build when there is significant change in original functionality or even a single bug fix. This is the method of verification. Verifying that the bugs are fixed and the newly added features have not created in problem in previous working version of software.

Regression test should be the part of release cycle and must be considered in test estimation. Regression testing is usually performed after verification of changes or new functionality. But this is not the case always. For the release taking months to complete, regression tests must be incorporated in the daily test cycle. For weekly releases Regression Testing can be performed when functional testing is over for the changes.

Regression test cases need to be selected very carefully so that in minimum set of test cases maximum functionality is covered. These set of test cases need continuous improvements for newly added functionality. It becomes very difficult when the application scope is very huge and there are continuous increments or patches to the system. In such cases selective tests needs to be executed in order to save testing cost and time. These selective test cases are picked based on the enhancements done to the system and parts where it can affect the most.

Regression Testing is a continuous process performed at various stages throughout the software testing life cycle. A best practice is to conduct regression test after the sanity or smoke testing and at the end of functional testing for a short release.

Software Performance Testing

Performance testing is a critical part of application testing services since it affects business revenue, credibility of the organization and customer satisfaction. Traditional performance testing approaches are reactive in nature – where applications are built first, and tested and tuned later. Such approaches increase testing costs and prolong the time-to-market.

At Oniyosys we ensure that all types of performances related testing is covered of our customers. We help our customers to achieve optimum performance from their IT investments and help then transform their IT into Business Value.

Performance Testing” widely refers to the evaluation & measurement of functional effectiveness of a software system or a component, as regards its reliability, scalability, efficiency, interoperability & its stability under load.

We can help you determine the best approach and methodology for performance testing and validation of your critical software projects.  Oniyosys’ Performance Testing services are equipped with the skill set to evaluate the end-user experience under varying amounts of traffic and impact of different load and usage patterns on your system. Using our expertise we help you identify and resolve these issues at an early stage. If the system is already live our performance testing team will help you identify opportunity for improvement in the existing applications.

Performance of the software is one aspect that cannot be overlooked or ignored even if it has functionality richness. If the software performance is poor, it cannot address client’s requirements. Product specifications laid out in the initial stage of development sometimes lead to architectural design flaws, which in turn pave way for poor software performance. Hence, it’s paramount to check for software performance before it’s released in to the market. Software Performance Testing technique is used not to spot bugs, but to remove bottlenecks, if any and cement the platform for regression testing to be conducted in the future.

Why Software Industry lays so much emphasis on Performance Testing:

The key reasons are:

1) Performance has become the key indicator of product quality and acceptance consideration nowadays in a highly dynamic & competitive market.

2) Customers are becoming extremely demanding on quality front & have clear vision of their performance objectives.

3) These days, every customer is looking for greater speed, scalability, reliability, efficiency & endurance of all applications – may it be multi tier applications, web based applications or client server applications etc. etc.

4) Greater need for identifying & eliminating the performance inhibiting factors early during the development cycle. It is best to initiate the performance testing efforts right from the beginning of the development project & these remain active till final deployment.

Performance Testing is done to provide stakeholders with information about their application regarding speed, stability and scalability. More importantly, performance testing uncovers what needs to be improved before the product goes to market. Without performance testing, software is likely to suffer from issues such as: running slow while several users use it simultaneously, inconsistencies across different operating systems and poor usability.

Applications sent to market with poor performance metrics due to nonexistent or poor performance testing are likely to gain a bad reputation and fail to meet expected sales goals. Performance testing is the best way to give your product a competitive edge.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is based on the external behavior of the software under test, otherwise known as ‘black-box testing’, which means that no knowledge of the inner design of the code or logic is required. An example of a form of this type of software testing is ‘Security Testing’, which tests the functions relating to threats from malicious persons and viruses etc. Interoperability testing can also be considered to be a form of Functional Testing as the capability of the software product to interact with other specified components or systems is being tested.

Oniyosys gives you total control over the Functional Software Testing process – from specifying test requirements and selecting testers, to reviewing bugs and test cases. Our platform is integrated with bug-tracking systems like Rally, Bugzilla, Pivotal and JIRA, so we’re a perfect fit for companies looking to add testing resources around peak release periods.

Functional testing is usually performed during the very first phase of testing process that any particular organization is responsible for in any release. There are a number of approaches of Functional Software Testing amongst which requirement based functional testing is one of the most powerful as well as effective approach. This method helps in reducing the number of concealed defects significantly that may be getting released into the production. The basic premise of this function is that a well-devised set of requirements gives the designers a definitive basis for designing the test cases.

Functional testing is the most widely accepted testing practice in software development life cycle. Without a well-defined and implemented “best” practice, Functional Software Testing will continue to be practiced incorrectly and suffer inaccurate or, at best, incomplete results. To reach this goal requires that a tool be supported by a well-defined practice for its use and be integrated into an organization’s software development process.

Oniyosys provide end-to-end functional testing services for product companies and Independent software vendors including Module, Integration and System Testing.

Functional testing is an integral part of software development which ensures software quality by performing end to end testing. In other words functional testing services ensure software is developed as specified in requirement document. As the name specifies functional, software is tested of its functionality or feature. Functional tests are taken by providing an input and observing the outputs. It is generally performed in controlled environment. Input parameters are specified considering the production environment so the real
time feed is provided to obtain the realistic results which are later compared with expected result sets.
Functional Software Testing is a kind of black box testing wherein least consideration is given to internal source code. Functional testing is uses interfaces like GUI, API, and CLI for executing test cases.

Our deep expertise and proprietary frameworks to accelerate testing for improved time to market for its clients. Its state of the art tool and technology agnostic test labs offer ‘on demand’ access for key services such as core testing, test automation, performance testing and functional testing.

Software Testing And Monitoring Services in India

With the companies becoming highly dependent on IT, performance of your application is becoming one of the key factors in the success of the organization.

Our state of art monitoring center has been providing Website Monitoring services with no down time in past 8 years. With a dedicated team of monitoring experts, each escalation is verified ensuring zero false alerts.

Software testing services’ main aim is to produce bug lists for development teams. In commercial world, testing is one of the most important tasks of any software development services. In software testing services, testers are usually expected to provide immediate feedback at all times while the programs and specifications keep evolving. Above all to provide software testing services, testers should be able to find out the status of a new build.

In India, software testing services is essential, but it is definitely not the core activity of most organizations that require it. Outsourcing will enable a company to concentrate on its core activities while software testing experts can handle the work efficiently, ensuring quality results.

Oniyosys is a Website Monitoring service that checks your website or server at regular intervals and notifies you via email if a problem is detected.

We continuously check the availability of your websites at regular time intervals. If your site is found to be down or unavailable, it immediately notifies you via Email so that you can take corrective actions quickly before it affects end users.

Software testing services always present an unbiased and fresh view that can reveal defects that may otherwise not be detected. In addition, the testing team in no way is able to influence the testing results that may be possible with in-house testing. This ensures strict adherence to the client’s and not the developers goals and objectives. Hiring a software testing service entails less expenditure on capital investment, hiring, training, and infrastructure while the developer can focus on the core activities of developing the software. Costs that are saved can be utilized for business expansion or revenue-producing activities. In most cases, software testing services can provide a level of testing services that may not be affordable in-house.

There are not many smart tools that have taken advantage of those technologies to enhance the management and monitoring tasks for Web services. In this fast phased world, internet is one of the main means for attracting business customers. Even though companies are marketing their services and products directly to the customers, web promotion has become an important part of business.  Even web promotion doesn’t do any good for the web site owners, if the web site is not available at the time a visitor requires. Visitors nowadays are not ready to test their patience with a slowly loading web site.

With our Performance monitoring solutions we at Oniyosys, we ensure that the performance of your applications meets its threshold. Providing an End User Perspective Oniyosys will provide you with feedback of a real user experience. We will help you to ensure that your web based applications are up and running 24 x 7. We are providing 365 days Website Monitoring.

Software Testing Types

Software testing is a process used to identify the correctness, completeness, and quality of developed computer software. It includes a set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software so that it could be corrected before the product is released to the end users. It is an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the software system is defect free.

There are many Software Testing Types like Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing, Application testing, Compatibility Testing, Usability testing.

As leading independent software testing company Oniyosys has been providing mission-critical Software Testing Services to fortune clients, globally.

First of Software testing types is Functional testing. It is a type of black box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test. Functions are tested by feeding them input and examining the output, and internal program structure is rarely considered.


Regression testing is another Software Testing Type. Which includes any type of software testing that seeks to uncover new software bugs, or regression, in existing functional and non functional areas of a system after changes, such as enhancements, patches or configuration changes have been made to them.

Performance testing is in general testing performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. It can also serve to investigate measure, validate or verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.

Stress testing is a form of testing that is used to determine the stability of a given system or entity. It involves testing beyond normal operational capacity, often to a breaking point, in order to observe the results. Stress testing may have a more specific meaning in certain industries, such as fatigue testing for materials.

Application testing deals with tests for the entire application. This is driven by the scenarios from the analysis team. Application limits and features are tested here. The application must successfully execute all scenarios before it is ready for general customer availability. After all, the scenarios are a part of the requirement document and measure success. Application testing represents the bulk of the testing done by industry.

Compatibility testing, part of software non-functional tests, is testing conducted on the application to evaluate the application’s compatibility with the computing environment.

Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system. This is in contrast with usability inspection methods where experts use different methods to evaluate a user interface without involving users.

So there are many of the software testing types which include a set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software.

Software Testing Methods/Techniques

Software testing service is any activity aimed to detect errors in software. Testing is conducted to find errors in some program and thus improve its reliability and enhance its quality. A program has a bug (error) when its behavior does not match its documentation. Documentation is also tested – project documentation and ‘output’ one.

As a leading independent software testing company Oniyosys has been providing mission-critical Software Testing Services to fortune clients, globally.

Oniyosys has deep expertise and proprietary frameworks to accelerate testing for improved time to market for its clients. Its state of the art tool and technology agnostic test labs offer ‘on demand’ access for key services such as core testing, test automation, performance testing, mobile testing, robotics testing and security testing.
In other words, software testing services’ main aim is to produce bug lists for development teams. In commercial world, testing is one of the most important tasks of any software development services. In software testing services, testers are usually expected to provide immediate feedback at all times while the programs and specifications keep evolving. Above all to provide software testing services, testers should be able to find out the status of a new build. There are many companies which provide Software Testing Services in India.

Anyone into software development will agree that any software package, whether open-source or proprietary, can only gain high quality after going through rigorous testing. This is the reason why various companies tend to emphasize more on software testing services. But what exactly is software testing service? According to the traditional definition, software testing service usually takes programs and specifications as input, and produces a bug list as output.

A continuous approach to quality, initiated early in the software lifecycle, can lower the cost of completing and maintaining the software significantly. This greatly reduces the risk associated with deploying poor quality software.

Like that Oniyosys is the one of the best testing service providing company in India at an affordable price. Oniyosys bring years of experience in Practicing and Defining software testing processes. This is done through assessment of existing QA process and implementation of QA best practices starting from requirement review/analysis till release.

In India, Software Testing Services is essential, but it is definitely not the core activity of most organizations that require it. Outsourcing will enable a company to concentrate on its core activities while software testing experts can handle the work efficiently, ensuring quality results.

Software Testing Companies in India

Software testing is the most important functionality in the Software Development life Cycle as it exhibits all the mistakes and errors in the developed software. Without rectifying theses errors, which in the technical words are called the “bugs” the software development is not considered to be complete. Hence, Software testing is an important parameter for the assured quality of the product.

Oniyosys is a software testing company that evaluates the quality and checks the potency of the program for the required output.

All software testing companies in and across India follow two methods of Testing, i.e. MANUAL TESTING and AUTOMATED TESTING. Though when any of these methods are used by the Software Testing Companies, they further branch out in various types of testing standards like the White box testing, Black box testing, Incremental integration testing, Unit testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, System testing, End-to-end testing, etc.depending on the given set of requirements and cases.Software testing companies plays an important role to perform the following:


Verify and validate the software product

Software Testing Companies performs verification and validation process to determine whether the system meets its predefined goals or not and it helps to ensure that the output is correct. Although this process can be done by your own, it will be more effective if it is performed by an independent testing agency.

Improve the quality 

You have to bear in mind that the presence of bugs in the software application can cause irreparable losses. Hence, I would say the quality of the software is of utmost importance. By appointing a testing company, its test engineer will be able to make sure that the software meets the quality standards.

Prove the usability and operability of the software product

When the software is released to a selected group of users, we need to ensure that the particular software can be used and operated smoothly. By getting a service provider to perform the testing, you will be able to prove to the users that the software is both usable and operable. Any problem faced by the users will be recorded and analyzed.

Prevent defect migration

Frankly speaking, early detection and debugging of errors will definitely help to save a lot of costs. By getting a Software Testing Companies, its professionals will help to detect the errors in the software requirements gathering phase and prevent these errors from migrating to the subsequent phase. You will not suffer huge losses if early prevention has been done.

In short, software testing always trails back to back. It checks the effectiveness of the program and evaluates its output as per requirement. It is indeed important to hire a software testing company to assist you.

Outsourced Software Testing Services

Software development is always prone to bugs despite resorting to all plausible bug detection techniques. Software testing is a promising technique to ensure that the quality of software developed is intact and unharmed through elimination of bugs or defects that creep in. It is in fact the most significant stage in the software development life cycle, and is also a determinant of the quality of final output.

However, it has been observed that most organizations fall short of the required in-house resources such as technical know-how and expertise to carry out thorough software testing. Hence, they prefer to Outsource Software Testing Services.

Oniyosys’ IT outsourcing services to India provide a way for your business to ensure success for your software testing projects without adding the extra expense, effort, and risk involved in finding, retaining, and managing qualified permanent staff. Whether you are on the lookout for an organization to deliver a project from end-to-end or for reliable access to qualified IT professionals, Oniyosys’ objective is to deliver, implement and service unique IT services. With Oniyosys as your software outsourcing partner, you can reap benefits of offshore IT outsourcing & “best-in-class” offshore QA service in India.

In one of the reports published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the U.S. economy bears heavy losses due to software errors incurring up to $59.5 billion annually. Hence, most U.S. software development companies choose Outsources Software Testing Services since they are benefited manifold due to this business decision.

Outsourced Software Testing Services encompasses a number of steps that are enmeshed with the SDLC path of the development of the software. It’s not simply the investigation of the software; it’s about ensuring the effective software development.

Following are the key benefits of offshore software testing:

Error-free software: The offshore testing team makes use of run-on-the-mill testing tools, techniques and resources to deliver quality-tested software thereby lending the required dose of technical and process independence to the in-house staff of the outsourcing organization.

Complete focus on product development: After having outsourced testing assignment to the offshore testing team, the software development group can focus completely on core product development and its effective sales strategy. Hence, this would eventually lead to improved quality of the product developed thereby paving way for increased customer satisfaction & revenues.

Saves Time: Outsourcing Testing Services saves your valuable time in dual ways. On one hand, you get sufficient time to focus on your “core” business activities. While on the other hand, the offshore testing staff utilizes varied advanced testing tools & techniques to eliminate bugs/defects from the software thereby improving the quality of your product and producing the deliverables on time.

Cost effectiveness: It’s not a feasible option for a development company to purchase testing tools in dearth of required technical know-how. Also, maintaining an in-house testing team is a costly affair. The offshore software testing India alternatives offer testing services at quite affordable rates. Hence, outsourcing these services is a cost-effective business decision.

Time to market: A skilled testing company conducts software testing very fast and yields quick deliverables, which leads to early release of the product thereby giving ample scope and time to market the same.

Now that you know the multiple benefits of offshore software testing, it’s your turn to take the right step of outsourcing software testing and deliver quality-tested software for accomplishing ultimate customer satisfaction.

QA & Software Testing Services in India

To improve your software quality Oniyosys offers specialized Quality Assurance Services. SQA are extremely crucial in the SDLC and should be introduced at the earliest stage of the project.

Oniyosys' has a unique combination of skilled software testing team with proven testing methodologies for wide range of testing solutions in variety of situations. This includes new application/ product testing, supports and integration.

Software Quality Assurance Services offerings are often misled as just a step being followed at the end of the software development releases. Oniyosys believes quality is a true umbrella activity and ensures the success of your products with our abilities and stringent standards in controlling the deliveries to our clients. This involves defined testing cycles on each value addition done by us as a service provider to your product.

Software quality assurance refers to the process by which software defects present in newly developed software programs or products are identified and fixed. If you develop software or are in the process of custom software applications then it critical to address the quality needs that would arise to meet all your business objectives. To ensure the quality that is desired, it is necessary to have a QA team or group that is tasked with that job. However a lot of times allocated a large pools of resources to the testing or QA function seems to be in-effective as the resources cannot be effectively utilized throughout the development cycle. There are phases where the resource requirements could be quite large while sometimes the need may not be as much. Hiring and keeping a large team of testers on staff could be cost prohibitive due to the fluctuating testing needs.
Software Quality Assurance Services & software testing’s main aim is to produce bug lists for development teams. In commercial world, testing is one of the most important tasks of any software development services. In software testing services, testers are usually expected to provide immediate feedback at all times while the programs and specifications keep evolving. Above all to provide software testing services, testers should be able to find out the status of a new build.

Oniyosys provides value addition with,
  • Hosted centralized issue tracking system.
  • Real time support for issues added by the clients.
  • Partnerships with multiple vendors ensuring success of product on various targeted platforms.
  • Clear understanding of global processes ensuring six sigma way of quality in product development.
  • Abilities of testing on multiple platforms and operating systems.

Software Testing Services in India

Oniyosys is leading independent outsourced Software Testing Services provider company in India having broad spectrum of testing services caters to the current and upcoming needs of the customers. Our key strength lies in our continuous focus towards creating a benchmark delivery to the customers by using our dedicated resource pool of expertise. Testing Life Cycle is a part of Development Life Cycle. We help our clients Testing their system or application under controlled conditions and evaluate these conditions in both normal and abnormal conditions.

Any organization that neglects this important process in software development life cycle and the quality control standards can destroy its own image and the brand value of the company. Furthermore, considering about the drastic outcome any negligence in Software Testing Services can result in the waste of the whole amount of money that you have spent on your project. Having a software test plan is a necessary feature of any software documentation. The reason of software testing can be quality assurance, confirmation or reliability estimation. These days software is widely used in many critical applications, and the outcome of a bug in any software can cause huge losses.
Software Processes which are part of the Software Testing Life Cycle:

Test Maintenance: Tracking and analysis primarily are part of test maintenance and there are various tools involved including Rational Test Manager which are used to help out the process.

Test Automation: Test automation consists of automated tools for creation of test cases and their analysis. Testing on e-commerce applications also called e-testing is also a part of test automation.

Defect Management: Defect management involves tracking & analysis of the defects found during the testing phase. This process requires tools like Rational ClearQuest & other bug and defect tracking tools.

Test Environment Management: The setup and configuration of a test environment is important for the process of software testing. Virtualization tools are used to ensure perfect environment replications and timely deployment of the Test Lab.

Many software development companies provide Software Testing Services and maintenance services along with their specialized development services. It is important to consult with software developers about their development plan so as to expect bug-free software project.

The main aim of Software Testing Services is to identify the bugs and glitches that can hamper the performance of applications for the user. The quality assurance tests which are recommended to carry out at each stage ensure better product quality for the users. It not only helps in identifying and solving the bugs but also helps in saving time and money, which makes it cost-effective to a great extent. In addition to this, testing of software also helps to assess the actual time of its release.